Sunrise at Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten Islands, Norway

1-30-17 Skagsanden Beach Lofoten Norway 8102011 small-

“The imagination is a palette of bright colors. You can use it to touch up memories — or you can use it to paint dreams.” ~Robert Brault.

At 11am the sun was lighting up the clouds over Skagsanden Beach, #Lofoten Islands, #Norway. It was a beautiful sight and I have a story to go with it.

I was enjoying the beauty of the scenery on Skagsanden Beach ~ the mountains, the water, the patterns in the sand.  I went into the water to get a better angle to take a photo of the mountains from the water, and all was going well… small waves were lapping at my feet, and I kept taking pictures.  The sun started shining through and onto the clouds,  and it was so colorful and beautiful.  And just after I captured this shot, a rogue wave got me and soaked me up to my waist!

I was soaked!  Water in my boots, thoroughly wet pants and coat.  I ran back to where our photo leader was, yelling help, help!  I didn’t want to get hypothermia from being cold and wet.  We went back to the van, and I took off my wet clothes and warmed my feet and hands up with the van heater.

Very fortunately, we were not far from a town where there was a mall with a sporting goods/outdoor clothing store (like REI or LLBean).  We stuck plastic bags over my feet so I could put my feet back into my boots and I went directly to the store, while the other photographers went off to have lunch.   I was able to purchase a pair of waterproof snow/wind pants and new socks.  The clerk was so helpful to me, even with a slight language barrier.

Then I went down the hallway in the mall to the shoe store where another very helpful young lady assisted me in purchasing a pair of knee-high waterproof boots – similar to “Wellies”.

And then I went to the cafe and got a sandwich to go.  I tried to find my way back to the van, but I was completely turned around and had no idea where it was, but I finally managed to find it and meet up with the rest of the crew who had already eaten and were in the van waiting for me.   And so…I was all set for the rest of the day to go out shooting again.

Sharing the beauty of the world one photo at a time.

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